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Standard Tools

Utilities for fixing EC firmware size, extracting EC firmware from System Bios, extracting windows 10 keys, and EFI password decryption/reset for macbooks, Chromebook unlock, and listing compatible SPI Chips for laptops you repair.

1. EC Firmware Tool

This tool is a collection of utility for resizing EC firmware and extracting EC firmware from System Bios normally found in laptop motherboards that uses programmable ENE and ITE chips.

2. Macbook Tools

Macbook tools is for unlocking EFI for macbooks 2012 - 2017 and decrypting EFI password for macbook 2011 or earlier. You can also change serial number, get firmware information and EMC info.

2.1 Get Info

Right after clicking the get info button, a message filled with information about the firmware will appear on the dialog box.

2.2 EMC Info

After dragging the firmware and hitting the emc info a message filled with information about the firmware will appear on the dialog box.

2.3 Change SN

An inputbox will pop-up right after clicking the change sn button, when the process is done the file can be located in it’s designated folder.

2.4 Unlock

EFI unlock is used to bypass the password of a Mac’s firmware, after the bypass is done the generated file will appear on it’s designated folder.

3. Chromebook

The incoming updates v2.1.4 will support unlocking of Chromebooks (e.g., enabling of developer mode and disabling enrollment checks.

4. Split EC/System BIOS

Primarily used for splitting extracted stock firmware to separate EC firmware and System Bios. Commonly used in HP motherboards. For more information, kindly click this link.

5. Windows 10 Key

Tool for extracting and changing Windows 10 license key from System Bios firmware dump.

6. Compatible SPI Chips

Tool for determining the compatible spi chip for intel firmwares. To know more about the feature, just see the full guide here.

7. Disable Ram