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BiosCreator implements three methods for extracting Dell stock firmware from Bios Update Utility from Dell website.

  • Old format
  • New format
  • Standard EXE

Normally, you would want to clean the ME region first. If this fails, then use the methods demonstrated in this section to create stock firmware.

## Requirements

  • Old firmware dump that is compatible with the laptop or Backup

New Format

Creating stock firmware out of Dell Bios update utility is non-trivial. It involves the following process:

  1. Extract bios and ME/TXE region
  2. Replace ME/TXE Region or BIOS Region using Repair Bios Region function.

This process is demonstrated below.

Old Format

Creating stock firmware for Dell bios update that uses old format is very straight-forward. Just follow the procedure below. You can directly flash the extracted firmware once the process is completed.

Standard EXE

Standard zipped EXE uses compression methods that can be easily decompressed by popular decompression utilities such as winrar and 7zip. You can also use Acer (InsydeFlash) to extract firmware from this file.