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Lenovo utilizes various methods for packaging firmware and these are:

  1. InsydeFlash
  2. InnoSetup
  3. Self-Extracting File

BiosExtract supports 2 and 3 but partially support 1 because of the numerous formatting and different version of capsule file.


BiosCreator automatically handles InsydeFlash packaged Bios update. This function is built-in to Lenovo extraction method and there is no need for you to do additional tasks:


Bios update file that were packaged using InnoSetup can not be decompressed by standard decompression utilities. Here procedure for extracting a Lenovo Bios Update that is package using InnoSetup. The extracted file is a Capsule file (CAP file). Judging from the size of the file, it requires further processing because the size is not in this list.

Capsule File

To Do.