Password Tools

These features are accessible for BiosCreator USB edition only except the Master Password Generator.

2.1. Master Password Gen

This tool can be accessed directly from the developer website.

2.2. HP Elitebooks

This tool is for removing passwords in the EC Firmware and removing SWAT/Absolute Persistence/Cognizant lock in the System Bios. When you drag the firmware to BiosCreator, BiosCreator will automatically select the appropriate operation. HP Elitebooks up to the latest version is supported.

2.3. Lenovo Thinkpads

This tool can remove bios passwords in system bios for Lenovo Thinkpads up to 8th gen.

2.4. Dell Supervisor Password

This tool can remove password up to the latest generation of business laptops and PC.

2.5. MS Surpace Pro

This tool removes passwords for MS Surface Pro up to 7th gen.