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Version History


  • implemented downloading of samsung firmware


  • added EMC info
  • fixed issue #35 Acer Z1401 not being extracted


  • can now extract firmware in HP probook where fimrware is compressed inside
  • fixed issue #27 - Unable to extract hp firmware hp 14-ce0043tx
  • fixed issue #26 - Add a button to load the license file
  • fixed issue #24 - Add “Registered” status in startup, to indicate product is registered and supported
  • fixed issue #25 - Unable to extract HP 840 G1 Firmware
  • fixed issue #22 - Add a reset config
  • fixed issue #28 - Added logo branding
  • fixed isue #9 - Support newer HP firmware to autorun when detected
  • added the capability to extract EC from system bios for ITE SIO
  • fixed issue with ME Cleaning error


  • removed dialog in ME region cleaning
  • fixed issue with ME region cleaning where file is saved in temp folder


  • fixed a bug that broke the hp decryption functionality
  • fixed issue with HP BID# being displayed even if the file is encrypted.
  • fixed splitting of EC and BIOS throwing an exception when a file is not loaded.
  • added bios cleaning with custom ME region
  • fixed bug where cleaning of ME region fails to save


  • created stub for icloud removal in macbook
  • added feature to dell bios extractor where packaging utilizes InsydeFlash
  • refactored Dell bios extractor, removed ‘others’ option
  • fixed bug in Lenovo where innosetup is not extracted
  • fixed bugs in lenovo extraction where bin file is InsydeFlash
  • fixed a bug in Lenovo extraction where CAP file embeds EC firmware inside System BIOS
  • fixed a bug in Lenovo extraction where packaged EXE is in InsydeFlash format
  • fixed file monitor service which simplifies getting bin file out of temp folder
  • InsydeFlashService now extracts file more accurately. Size is now obtained from the header
  • fixed issue with InysdeFlashService when EC firmware is not found
  • added support for extracing Sony VAIO Package Manager
  • added support for removing 2kb Asus CAP header
  • fixed issue with IOC not instantiating new object
  • added extraction of BID# and version information for HP FIRMWARE
  • added capability to replace corrupted BIOS REGION w/ validation (useful for creating Asus stock firmware)
  • Refactor AppleService
  • fixes bug in HPService where file is not decrypted properly
  • fixed a bug in LenovoService being unable to extract a package (e.g. lenovo 330-14ikb)
  • added feature to replace bios region for creating asus and dell stock firmware (not fully tested) or fixing corrupted bios region.
  • fixed licensing implementation


  • improved UI in ME/TXE Repair
  • bug fixes and refactoring
  • added the ability to display macbook serial number
  • added feature to change macbook serial number
  • fixed dell not showing filename when dragged to extractor
  • EFI password for Macbooks prior to 2011 can now be decoded.


  • Support for Dell extraction w/ ME + BIOS Region


  • Now supports ME/TXE Region cleaning

Known Issues

  • extract bin/cap file from exe in some Lenovo BIOS update may fail
  • cleaning and repair of TXE 3.0 and TXE 4.0 is not supported at this time.