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This section describes the different functions that BiosCreator is capable of. Knowing what they do and how to use them is critical to successfull laptop repair.

Basic Firmware Utilities

Utilities for fixing EC firmware size, extracting windows 10 keys, and Bios/EFI password reset functions.

1. EC Firmware Tool

This tool is a collection of utility for resizing EC firmware and extracting EC firmware from System Bios that are normally found in laptop motherboards that uses modern ENE and ITE chips.

2. Split EC/System BIOS

Primarily used for splitting extracted stock firmware to separate EC firmware and System Bios. Commonly used in HP motherboards.

3. Macbook Tools

Macbook tools is for unlocking EFI for macbooks 2012 - 2017 and decrypting EFI password for macbook 2011 or earlier. You can also change serial number, get firmware information and EMC info.

4. Master Password Gen

This function will be available soon.

5. Windows 10 Key

Tool for extracting and changing Windows 10 license key from System Bios firmware dump.

System BIOS Repair/Cleaning Functions

This functions are generally used for cleaning, replacing FD, ME/TXE and Bios regions of a UEFI firmware.

6. Repair ME/TXE Region

Tool for repairing and cleaning (resetting initialization data) of ME/TXE region. It also supports custom ME region which is common for Dell bios update file.

7. Repair BIOS Region

Tool for replacing Bios Region. This utility is helpful for fixing issues that mere cleaning of ME/TXE region can’t fix. Commonly used for Asus and Dell UEFI firmware.

Stock Firmware Creation Functions

The tools mentioned in this category have the sole purpose of creating stock firmware from zip file, downloaded Bios Update Utilities from multiple brands.

8. Acer/InsydeFlash

9. HP

10. Lenovo

11. Asus

12. Dell

13. Sony

14. Toshiba

Will be available in future release of BiosCreator.

15. Samsung

Will be available in future release of BiosCreator.

16. Fujitsu

Will be available in future release of BiosCreator.

Other Functions

17. Update

Future version will support updating automatically. This button is for checking if an update is available.

18. Settings

If you wish to customize or add your shop logo, then use this feature.

19. About

This button helps you check your license status. License information is also displayed when you launch or start BiosCreator.

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