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Licensing & Terms of Use

BiosExtractor is hardware-locked to your computer. License will only works for your computer where you generated the hardware id. This is a copy-protection scheme that we incorporated to the software to avoid (if at all possible) unauthorized use of the software.

Type of License

  • PC Edition
  • USB Edition

A licensed copy of this software grants you:

  • One (1) year support subscription - You are allowed to update the software to the latest version for as long as your subscription is not expired.
  • Lifetime license - After expiration of your one year support subscription, you can still use the software for as long as you want, for as often as you need. But you can no longer upgrade to the newer version of BiosExtractor.
  • Non-Transferrable - You cannot transfer the license to another computer. But you can avail of the 1 year software upgrade for $50 which gives you the permission to upgrade to the newer version and request for a new license.

No Refunds

All sales and transactions are final. Subscription fees are fully earned on payment and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. But the LeakyMosfet may approve a refund in the form of a credit on request if exceptional circumstances exist. The amount and form of a refund and the decision to provide it is at the LeakyMosfet’s sole discretion. The provision of a refund in one instance does not entitle you to a refund in the future for similar instances; nor does it obligate the LeakyMosfet to provide refunds in the future, under any circumstance.

*BiosCreator v2.0

For older version of BiosCreator, you can request a new license for BiosCreator v2.0 for up to three times only. After that, you need to upgrade to the newer version of BiosCreator.