BiosCreator v2.1.22 makes it easy for technicians to create stock firmware for the laptops, desktops and macs. It simplifies the complicated editing of firmware through minimalist user-friendly drag-drop interfaces.

Repair or clean UEFI firmware Backup (Bios Dump)?

Select any of these tasks:

These operations is applicable to any UEFI firmware regardless of brands. BiosCreator supports ME Region cleaning up to CSE/ME 10 and TXE 1/2. For firmware other than the mentioned versions, simply create brand-specific stock firmware.

Create brand-specific stock firmware?

Follow this workflow:

  1. Download bios update from manufacturer website. Additional guide how to download bios update file can be found in downloading Bios Updates section.
  2. Go to Stock Firmware Section to create brand-specific stock firmware. Note that a backup firmware is needed to create stock firmware for some models or brands like Asus and Dell.

Macbook Firmware Tools?

There are various tools you can use to repair firmware for macbooks.

Reset Bios Password?

BiosCreator supports resetting/removal of Bios Password. There are various tools you can use to accomplish this task. They may or may not be applicable in your use case.

  1. Master Password generator
  2. Clear NVRAM
  3. Create Stock Firmware
  4. Corporate Password Unlock