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How to Clean ME Region?

Cleaning, repairing, upgrading and downgrading of ME Region is a very powerful feature of BiosCrerator.

In the video below, we want to clean the ME region of Dell 13. So we should select a region from our repository that is closely or similar with the version, SKU, chipset as much as possible. For upgrading or downgrading of ME region, it is ok to select a lower or higher version of ME region. The rest however, must be closely or similarly matched.

Repair or Cleaning of ME Region

This demonstration shows the process of repairing/cleaning ME Region. The target file is an Acer E1-470 firmware dump that were read from SVOD3. This process is applicable to all UEFI firmware from all brands including macbooks.

Downgrading/Upgrading of ME Region

There are situations when laptop would exhibit a no display issue after a bios update, or anti-theft error message is displayed on the screen. Downgrading the version of ME/TXE region can help you fix this problem. Let’s demonstrate this example by downgrading the ME region of a Lenovo Ideapad 320-15isk firmware dump from 11.6 to 11.5.

The process of upgrading the version is the same, just select higher version. It must be noted though, that the rest of the criteria must be the same (except the version).